Joni Delanoeije (MSc in Psychology/Ethology, PhD in Business Economics) is an FWO postdoctoral researcher and lecturer in work psychology (Work and Organisation Studies, KU Leuven) and anthrozoology (KU LeuvenOdisee). She is in charge of her own research projects on new ways of working, the inclusion of animals in (home-)working and education environments (“office dogs” and “campus cats”) and human-animal interactions, in which she collaborates with Ghent University, Washington State University and ELTE Budapest and others. She obtained her PhD in Business Economics in2019, which focused on sustainable work practices with regard to employees work-home interface, (“work-life balance”), specifically on how new ways of working, such as home-based telework, relate to employee wellbeing and performance.

Academically trained as a theoretical psychologist, business economist and ethologist, her main research topics include sustainable work environments and human-animal interactions using a “one welfare” approach, i.e. simultaneously addressing human and animal well-being. Combining insights from organizational and systems psychology, ethology and anthrozoology, she aims to further the understanding of employee relations and interactions between people and companion animals in our society. Joni has won various awards and distinctions, she is a regular invited speaker at (inter)national academic and practitioner’s seminars and conferences and she has published in Human RelationsResources, Conservation & Recycling; Work & Stress; Journal of Vocational BehaviorEuropean Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology; Frontiers in PsychologyEthology; Anthrozoös and Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Besides her work as a researcher, Joni is a dog behavior trainer and enthusiast and gets engaged in activities aiming for a better world for (human and non-human) animals.

On a personal note, Joni lives in Lubbeek, near Leuven, Belgium, together with her two-legged lover, her daughter, a cat, an ever friendly office-joining Samoyed and a Bohemian shepherd fond of everything “toys”. She spends her free time on reading, running, and dreaming about the future.

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