Sustainable economy

Reuse: The understudied circular economy strategy [ project website ]

[ 05/2019–10/2020 ] Senior researcher, Flanders’ Circular Economy Policy Research Center & HIVA-KU Leuven, Belgium
▪ Research manager and collaboration: dr. Kris Bachus, Climate and Sustainable Development, HIVA-KU Leuven

Societal impact of the citizen science project “CurieuzeNeuzen Vlaanderen” [ project website ]

[ 11/2019–12/2019] Senior researcher, HIVA-KU Leuven, Belgium
▪ Data analysis contribution; collaboration: prof. dr. Huib Huyse, dr. Kris Bachus, MSc. Tom Merlevede, dr. Heidi Knipprath; Sustainable Development HIVA-KU Leuven